Accuterra iPhone App

Plan, capture and share your adventures with AccuTerra on your iPhone.

Make the Great Outdoors GREATER with a GPS application that works even when your network doesn't.

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Find your next adventure! Explore millions of miles of terrain from the palm of your hand.

New maps, new features are coming in 2012- stay tuned!

  • Scout your adventure before you go on highly detailed topographic outdoor recreation maps. NeoTreks GPS gives you superb coverage of the mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers throughout the contiguous United States, created specifically for the iPhone.
  • NeoTreks GPS map coverage extends for the entire 5.5 million square miles of the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Search out preloaded points of interest within your map purchases. Simply click on the location within the Library, and that point is displayed on the map. Creating and saving your own points of interest is just a tap away.
  • Need to make space on your iPhone? Deleting a map purchase from the AccuTerra app is easy, and your purchase can be re-downloaded at a later time.
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Get off the roads and into your element

No cell phone coverage? No problem! NeoTreks GPS maps work within and beyond your cell network range, unlike other iPhone mapping applications that require you to be connected to the network to view terrain around your location. Seamless map navigation lets you zoom in and out effortlessly, showing stunning shaded relief and elevation contours at hike & bike fun-friendly view levels.

  • Recording your adventure is easy and fun - you don\'t need a degree in GPS-ology to track your progress and save it for later. Simply tap a button to start recording, and tap it again to stop. Simple, so you can focus on the trail ahead.
  • Take photos from within the NeoTreks GPS application and the exact location and elevation of the photo is recorded within your maps. Prove you were there.
  • NeoTreks GPS maps are available for popular recreation areas, such as national and state parks, special BLM lands, and national monuments and historical sites.
  • Trail profiles show the ups and downs and distance of your hike.
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Show the world your tracks, photos, and stories

NeoTreks GPS doesn’t just give you the maps that provide the best adventures of your life - the app also comes with many ways to share those places and moments with friends, family, and co-workers. When you step off the trail and head back home, NeoTreks GPS lets you display, email, or upload a virtual narrative of your adventure. 

  • The \\\'Walking Tour\\\' feature replays your trail experience on the iPhone screen to others, along with the photos you took and points of interest you recorded along the way.
  • The \\\'Email\\\' feature from within your AccuTerra Library sends a link to your friends and family to either launch your track, points, and photos within Google Earth, or view your track on Google Maps.
  • The \\\'Upload to Facebook\\\' feature will automatically post on your Facebook account a link to your track, displayed on Google Maps.