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Frequently Asked Questions

AccuTerra App Transfer Summary

Welcome to NeoTreks GPS!

1. EXISTING CUSTOMERS GET NEOTREKS GPS FOR FREE FOR 2 YEARS. We are committed to providing not only the same great mapping app you’re used to, but improving and updating the product for years to come. If you made any prior purchase from the apps offered through Intermap, the new app should automatically recognize your device and grant access to the 5.5 million square miles of map data. We decided this would be a simpler process that to try to have everyone remember a password created months ago. If you’re still having trouble, see the FAQ’s below.

2. Why is it a subscription now? It was truly the only way this app could remain a viable product & available to users. Maps are very expensive to update & host on a server, app development is not cheap, and it was simply not sustainable under prior app ownership. Intermap would have shut AccuTerra apps down entirely six months ago if NeoTreks had not bought the technology and switched it to a subscription app. There would be no more AccuTerra if not for NeoTreks GPS.

3. What will renewals be in 2 years for prior AccuTerra customers?    Subscription renewal costs will be kept as low as possible - future renewal prices depend on what investments we make and how many users we have at that point. We are committed to providing updates, new features, and better map data in order to make this the very best GPS mapping app you can buy. When you see the new maps and features in the coming months & years, we hope you’ll agree.

4. What happens if I choose not to renew my transferred subscription in 2014? You keep the maps you’ve already downloaded and installed, but further new map access and updated map data requires a new subscription.

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Why is there an entirely new app?

The short answer is, those are Apple’s rules.

An app cannot currently transfer ownership from one company to another, so launching a new app and manually transitioning users is the only way to keep service to those who have paid for it. We know it’s cumbersome, but it the only way to do it.

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What about my Adventures? How do I get them over to the new app?

We do not store your Adventures on any of our servers due to privacy concerns - where you have your fun is not our business! So all your Adventures are only stored and connected to the old app, which means you need to manually transfer over the ones you wish to keep using the Share functionality in the old app. We know this is tedious, but with Apple’s restriction on app transfers from one company to the next, it is impossible to link one app to another.


    Share the Adventure or Waypoint using “Share via Attachment”:  Sharing Adventures Save the KML to your computer. Open Neotreks GPS and use the Import Via Desktop feature: Import Adventures

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What about the Maps I’ve saved?

Because the maps are stored locally (on your iPhone) through the old app, they are only referenced through the AccuTerra app and cannot be automatically transferred over to the new NeoTreks app. Unfortunately, this is an Apple limitation and you will need to install maps on the NeoTreks GPS app as you did the first time.

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How does the transition work?

Although we set up a User Name and Password protocol months ago, enough time had elapsed where we knew that a lot of you would have changed email addresses, forgot your password, etc. So instead we are using your UDID - a device ID that Apple assigns to every phone. As long as that ID is in our database as being a valid prior AccuTerra user, the new NeoTreks GPS app will recognize your phone and log you in automatically. We tried to make the transition as painless as Apple allows.

If NeoTreks GPS does not recognize your phone when you download the new app, then navigate to Map > Settings > Subscription Registration and Log In using the email / password that you used initially.

You may need to reset your password: Map View > Settings > Subscription Registration > Log in > Reset Password.

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NeoTreks GPS did not recognize my iPhone. What next?

We’ll need your UDID to check the database. Please locate your UDID using an app on the App Store (search “UDID”) or through iTunes. Find my UDID

Then send that UDID to us at - we’ll get to it as soon as possible.

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Why is the new app a subscription app?

We’re investing heavily in the app going forward, and the only way to sustain that is to switch over to a subscription. Otherwise app maintenance, map hosting, new features, etc are just too costly. Subscriptions will allow us to update the map database, upgrade and add features, and launch a desktop map viewer (all coming later this year). So this move was necessary to prevent the app from dying altogether, and to take it forward as a viable product.

But we also know that our grandfathered users bought the app with the understanding that it was a one-time purchase. So we are automatically granting a 2 year subscription to existing users, and then offering an additional 1 year if they refer the app to a friend (for a total of 3). The friend’s purchase is not required; just a referral. So our transition users will not need to renew until 2015 if they refer the new app to a friend (look for an email!).

Subscription renewal costs will be kept as low as possible - future renewal prices depend on what investments we make and how many users we have at that point. We are committed to providing updates, new features, and better map data in order to make this the very best GPS mapping app you can buy.

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What’s New in NeoTreks GPS
    Fully iOS 5 compatible Updated Facebook Sharing Alaska Statewide Basemap   Maps are provided under annual subscription Bug fixes

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What is the deal with the original AccuTerra app being sold?

Who bought the App?

NeoTreks Inc. has recently purchased the AccuTerra app family; and per Apple Developer policy, any app sold under the Intermap developer’s account cannot be transferred to a new seller; and that includes its existing customers.

The new company, NeoTreks, is comprised of former employees of the old company, Intermap; we have bought the technology to carry the app forward. Intermap has shut down all support of the current app (which you have installed) and abandoning its Apple development efforts and all existing customers. Going forward, the map servers will be turned off and AccuTerra by Intermap will be pulled from the App Store.

Thanks for your patience!!

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Have an iPhone 3G and having trouble saving a track?

Recently we have received several reports from other customers about not being able to save tracks, and we have determined that 3G iPhone customers using the Apple iOS4 and our AccuTerra Version 4.2 app are unable to save tracks which are recorded in areas outside of cell reception.  Since this function has long worked with prior versions of Apple OS, we hope that a future Apple iPhone OS version will solve this issue.

Although we can not resolve the problem by changing our code, we have a workaround - turn off WiFi before you begin recording your trek.  Turning off WiFi will allow you to record and then save your adventure. (And by the way - if you’re out of 3G network & WiFi range, you should turn off those device functions regardless because they’re battery hogs).

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I am getting a “GPS location is required” error and I can’t use the app!

You’ll see this message if you have turned Location Services off on your iPhone, or if you declined to allow the app to use your location when you first launched it.
Easily fixed - you must first enable Location Services for the AccuTerra App:

-  Close the AccuTerra app completely (on your multitasking panel as well) and go to the iPhone Home Screen
-  Select the gray and white “Settings” icon
-  Select the “General” menu
- Select “Location Services”. There you have two choices:
    1. Enable Location Services for all your installed applications“OFF” button, and it will change to “ON.”; or,
    2. Scroll down and turn on Location Services for the AccuTerra app(s) you have installed. Please note that AccuTerra Unlimited will be at the bottom under “Unlimited”.
- Click the round “Home Button” to save your Location Services settings.

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The app is crashing on me - what do I do?

As with most apps, there are occasional temporary glitches (sometimes called ‘bugs’) that occur without explanation. The more complex the App (AccuTerra is fairly complex) , the more code that it contains which can get hung up or timed out. Variation combination of devices (3G, 3G S, iPhone 4) and operating system versions can cause some of these issues to arise in code that has been historically stable. We have found that almost all of these crashes can be solved in one of two ways:

1. Try a hard reset to clear the application memory from the iPhone. This will not harm your iPhone in any way.

  • Press-hold the Home button (big circle below the screen) and the Sleep/Wake button (on top of the iPhone) simultaneously.
  • Continue holding both buttons (Ignore the “Slide to power off”) until the iPhone shuts off and begins to restart.
  • You may let go when you see the silver Apple logo.
  • You have completed a hard reset successfully.
  • 2. If that doesn’t work, re-install the app (delete from the phone, and sync from iTunes).

    If neither one of these actions solve your issue, you may have encountered a true code error. Please use our contact form below and describe the actions that lead to the crash as best as possible.


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    What version of AccuTerra app am I using?

    -  Go to Apple’s home screen.
    -  Tap “Settings” (the gray “gears” icon). 
    -  Scroll down and tap on the icon for the app you want to know about (AccuTerra).
    -  A screen indicating the application’s version level will appear immediately.

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    My adventures are showing an inaccurate start and stop time.

    Since the release of the iPhone OS4, some of our customers are experiencing a discrepancy in the time displayed on a saved adventure. We are in contact with Apple to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

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    Can I multitask on my 3G?

    Multitasking is a new feature in Apple’s iOS4, but it is only available for the iPhone 3G S and iPhone 4.  As a result, if you are not using those two iPhone models, you will not be able to utilize the multitasking features such as opening a second app or taking an incoming phone call, nor will the app be able to continue to drop breadcrumbs when your iPhone is in “sleep mode.”  Because this feature resides in your iPhone, we are not able to provide you with a workaround.

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    Can I edit a Saved Track once it’s complete?

    Yes. Go to Library by tapping Map View in the upper left, then tap the Library icon in the slide out dock which will appear.

    -  Tap the Adventure’s name, and look for “Edit Adventure” (just above “Walking Tour”).Selecting “Edit Adventure” will position the map with the trek on it so the breadcrumbs are visible.
    -  Tap a breadcrumb to select it. 
    -  You may move it to a new place by dragging it.  You may delete a crumb by tapping the minus sign against it. 
    -  Breadcrumbs with photos attached may not be changed in any way in this version.
    -  Once completed, tap “Save Changes” to save and confirm your choice.
    -  Tap “Exit Edit Mode” to exit without saving any changes you made.

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    What Exactly Are Continental Tiles?

    Continental tiles refer to a certain type of tile that will provide “wide area” data.  You might say they are the opposite of our HD tiles which provide very high resolution data.  There are two ways to obtain continental tiles, either through installing the largest size grids in the grid view, or purchasing the state maps from within the app. 

    If you have purchased the Colorado State map, for instance, you will have the continental tiles installed for that state.  If you want the HD tiles for that state, you may then go to the grid view, zoom in, and select the HD tiles to install for your areas of interest within that state.  In effect, the HD maps for National Parks and other recreational areas provide a convenient way to obtain HD tiles for a specific area of interest.


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    I downloaded a state or park, but I don’t see the HD detail?

    It’s important to note that an entire state’s worth of HD tiles can exceed 5GB of memory on your iPhone; and chances are you’re not going to hike every square mile of that state anyway. Therefore, we allow you to select as much or as little detail as you need for your adventures, with respect to how much memory you want to load onto your device. However, you may download no more than nine tiles at one time - we limit that number in order to keep files sizes under the limits of a network connection.

    -  DOWNLOAD the Continental tiles from Map View > Maps  
    Enter Grid Mode from the main map screen (top middle button)
    -  Zoom into the map until you see grey tiles - if you have purchased that state or have AccuTerra Unlimited, you may then press and hold to select up to nine AccuTerra HD map grids
    -  Once you’ve selected the nine desired tiles, press the “Download” icon on the lower panel and watch as the images are installed on your map.

    For AccuTerra On-Demand users: if you request additional downloads beyond the first nine free ones, and you will be prompted to select and purchase that state or recreation area from our in-app store.

    With AccuTerra Unlimited once you have purchased the app, you have unlimited access to every map grid in the country.

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    Will AccuTerra be available for [insert country name here]?

    Right now, AccuTerra apps cover the contiguous United States plus Hawaii, and AccuTerra Europe covers Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and portions of Italy. We have no immediate plans to expand to other countries at this time, but we will post updates to the website when we make more areas available.

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    What’s the difference between the road and trail symbols?


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    How do I display Points of Interest (POIs) such as campgrounds, trailheads and restrooms?

    POIs cannot be installed through downloading through the Grid Mode. Because our POIs are assigned to a defined area such as a Park, National Forest or state, you’ll need to download a specific product through our Maps product list.

    Tap the ‘Map View’ button on the upper left of the main map screen, and select ‘Maps’ from the slide-out menu. Search nearby, pick from a category, or just get your state. With AccuTerra Unlimited, it’s all included. AccuTerra On Demand provides individual areas at a reasonable price.

    Once your area of interest downloads and is installed within the app, you can then select POIs from the points arrow to display.

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    Why are the HD maps a little fuzzy when I zoom in really close?

    When we create AccuTerra HD maps, they are actually at a pretty high resolution - “print quality”, and therefore take up a lot of storage. If we kept them at a high resolution in the App, a relatively small National Park would quickly take up the limited storage capabilities of your iPhone and would take quite a while to download. In order to allow the app to load maps quickly and display without the lag that you see with web-served maps, we compress them to work within the iPhone as efficiently as possible. Of course, the trade-off is that a very close zoom will show as pixilated, or “fuzzy”  We felt that the storage capacity and importance of having the map function on the device - by still showing a discernible location on the map - outweighed the quality issues at the highest zoom levels.

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    How do I import trails from Google Earth or a trails website?

    Saved GPS tracks can be created a number of different ways, and those tracks or points can be downloaded and displayed on your AccuTerra application. Two popular options:

      A) Find a track or a point on a User Generated Content site, such as the Trails Co-Op.
      B) Create a Placemark  or Draw a Path  using the Draw feature on Google Earth, and save it as a KML file to your computer.

    Once you have a KML built and saved to your Documents, upload it to The Trails Co-Op and create a web link (you can also create trails from The Trails Co-Op if you are registered). You’re now ready to import that track or placemark into AccuTerra, Map Candy, or the HIKE application. If the link is displayed, it will look something like this: . If the link is embedded in a tag, such as this: Yosemite Falls Trail, simply right click the link and select “Copy link Location”. Paste the link into an email to your iPhone email account, and send it. Once that email is on your device, you can copy / paste the link into AccuTerra.

      1. Launch AccuTerra from your device, and go to Library -> Import.
      2. Enter the full path of the uploaded KML into URL box, and give it a proper name. 
      3. Click Import button.

    If there are any problems, you will receive a prompt to assist you. If the import is successful, you will see a “badge” appear on either the “Adventures” or “Placemarks” tab, depending on your KML.

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    What do AccuTerra maps look like?

    The State map bundles are rendered at the same scale as USGS 7.5’ maps; commonly known “Quads”. The scale ratio is approximately 1:24,000.


    AccuTerra HD maps provide three times the zoom as the State level maps; or approximately 1:7,500. In other words: to cover a State level map in HD, it requires nine HD images:



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    What makes AccuTerra different from other recreational mapping applications?

    Most mapping applications on the App store can record your position & track your progress, but they require a network or WiFi connection to view it on the map. AccuTerra maps are stored in your phone’s memory, so even if the closest cell tower is too far away to give you a signal, you can access your position on a detailed color map through the GPS antenna on your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G S. 

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    Does my GPS work beyond Cell coverage?

    Yes.  Your GPS can be accessed nearly everywhere you have an open “view” to the sky. The GPS functionality within the application will locate your position at all zoom levels, and the geo-coded maps provide an accurate location in terms of latitude and longitude. Most importantly, AccuTerra gives you the added advantage of having a large area of maps available on your iPhone’s memory, regardless of WiFi or cell signal coverage. What good is knowing your geographic position if you can’t see it on a map, right?

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    How detailed are AccuTerra maps?

    The standard for recreational maps is a USGS 7.5’ topographical quad.  These printed maps, shown a scale of 1:24,000 or 1 inch = 2,000 feet, are sold at outdoor shops for about $5.  The average AccuTerra state download contains the equivalent of about 800 quads, or about 47,000 square miles, and are priced at $9.99. If you were buy the equivalent regional maps in paper format, you could easily spend over $4000!

    Some iPhone map applications offered these same paper map formats, scanned and repackaged for the iPhone. Most find the experience results in slow-scrolling, difficult to read maps that can be upwards of 30 years old. They often have only one level of zoom, and users are required to slowly download each individual map in order to view a relatively small area.

    AccuTerra maps, however, have been updated and optimized specifically for the iPhone. We verify, update and re-draw these maps into a full-color ‘hill shade’ background that provides a 3D-like appearance to highlight scale and terrain.  We also include public land use boundaries, such as National Forests, Bureau of Land Management lands, and National Parks, to make it easy for you to quickly identify private or public property. Finally, AccuTerra maps include a huge collection of out recreation points of interest, from a database of over one million locations.

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    Why is the road data limited to certain highways and streets?

    AccuTerra maps are designed for recreational use, and will give you trail and outdoor recreation information that no web-based mapping application can provide. We focused on providing you the most detailed-possible off-road data in recreation areas, while the more commonly used web-based mapping applications are most useful when you’re not on the trail. 

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    What is a “Walking Tour”?

    This unique feature allows users to ‘play back’ their saved trails on the map to friends and family after their adventure is over. The saved track is displayed within the map, while photos taken during the hike are shown as a slideshow in the upper right corner. Note: during the Walking Tour playback, other functions of the App are temporarily disabled.

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    How do I check AccuTerra into and out of my iTunes library?

    When you connect your iPhone to your computer, your iTunes library will display all your apps under your “Applications” folder. By using the Sync function in iTunes, you can put a check next to the applications in the folder that is labeled as your iPhone. By ‘unchecking’ the AccuTerra application, you can safely remove it from your iPhone in order to make room for other apps. IMPORTANT: If you do not wish to permanently delete the application, leave it in the iTunes Application folder and do not delete it.

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    Can I listen to my iPod music while I’m using AccuTerra?

    Of course. Far be it from us to keep you from listening to the theme from ‘Rocky’ while on your hike.

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    Does AccuTerra enable me to route my drive or hike, like a car navigation system?

    The application does not provide turn-by-turn routing on-road or off-road. AccuTerra maps offer the best outdoor recreational detail and the broadest coverage of trails and backcountry roads of any iPhone application.  AccuTerra is not intended for use as an “on-road” navigation product, but is perfect for use beyond coverage typically provided in available road map applications.

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    Is AccuTerra available on other devices?

    Although having outdoor maps on your iPhone or other mobile device is convenient, some outdoor enthusiasts require a dedicated GPS device that can withstand the rigor of a rugged and sometimes wet environment. In fact, AccuTerra maps were originally developed to meet the highest mapping standards for outdoor recreational GPS devices. 

    AccuTerra has been available on select Magellan outdoor GPS devices since 2008. Full US coverage will also be available for certain Bushnell outdoor GPS devices this summer, and on a new line of outdoor GPS devices from Lowrance this Spring. For more details, please visit our GPS Products Page.

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    I’m concerned about my battery life while using AccuTerra - what can I do to save power?

    Using the GPS antenna in your iPhone does consume battery life, so try to minimize battery drain with these tips:

  • If you are going to be out of cell range, go ahead and disable the 3G network through your iPhone settings function. [Settings > General > Network > turn off “3G”]
  • Disable the WiFi network as well. [Settings > General > Network > turn off “WiFi”]
  • Set your screen brightness as low as possible [Settings > General > Brightness]
  • For longer trips, consider an external battery. There are many available, with varied pricing, and should offer 1-2 full recharges to the iPhone’s internal battery.

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    Will AccuTerra’s GPS tracking work in the iPhone’s Airplane Mode?

    No. Apple has disabled all radios and antennas within Airplane mode. So you can view the maps, but you would not be able to locate your current position, or start/stop tracks.

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    What are AccuTerra’s Terms of Use?

    Hey- you asked.

    Terms of Use

    AccuTerra® is a product of Intermap Technologies™ Inc. (“Intermap”).  This data is provided to you “as is, as available” and you agree to use it at your own risk.  Intermap and its licensors (and their licensors and suppliers) make no guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, arising by law or otherwise, including but not limited to, content, quality, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, reliability, fitness for a particular purpose, usefulness, results or use to be obtained from the data, or that the data will be error-free.
    All descriptions given of AccuTerra as to function are for reference only and are not a guarantee.  The AccuTerra product regularly accesses GPS satellites, and therefore may have an impact on your unit’s battery life.  Intermap has no control over the operation of GPS satellites or the availability of their signals. In situations where adequate signals cannot be obtained, the GPS system may not work at all. 
    Any map information provided by AccuTerra is intended for recreational use only. You may find that the locations of points of interests may differ from the map. Likewise, any content included is not real-time, may contain inaccuracies, and may differ from actual current conditions. AccuTerra is not intended, nor should it be used, for any primary navigational use, whether by air, water, surface or subsurface means. Intermap will not assume any responsibility for personal injury arising out of the use of the product.  Your personal judgment and common sense must always take precedence over information provided by the AccuTerra product.  If you feel that information provided by AccuTerra places you in an unsafe situation, or routes you into an area which you consider unsafe, do not follow the route.  AccuTerra is not a substitution for a dedicated GPS, a printed map and compass, and/or local information.
    We reserve the right to make changes or improvements in our products from time to time without incurring the obligation to install such improvements or changes on equipment or items previously manufactured. 
    While reasonable effort has been made to ascertain the accuracy of information presented herein, no warranty is given as to the accuracy of any data or their utility for any specific purpose whatsoever.  Points of interest are selected from, and their locations are based upon, public record, and their location herein conveys no rights beyond knowledge of their location. 

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    My issue isn’t addressed in either the User Guide or the FAQs. What next?

    Please use our Contact page, or ask us a question on Twitter

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